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Using In Market Audience Targeting

Search Engine Marketing is something every organization should be able to use. A key to strong performance is using the tools Google makes available such as its in-market audience segments.   These are audiences Google has identified as being in-market for specific products or services based on web browsing behaviour. Customers who are in the […]

Digital Marketing by the Numbers

Here are some marketing statistics that show the incredible power of digital marketing. -Google drives 95% of all paid search ad clicks on mobile devices – Business Insider -48% of customers started a search for something they bought with a mobile search – Google -2 million businesses used Facebook ads in 2018 – Hootsuite -82% […]

Your Customer’s Journey

As you work on finding new customers for your business you should think of where they are in their process or journey of using your services or buying your products. Your digital marketing should be designed to engage with potential customers at each stage of their buying process. Customer Stages These customer stages are generally […]

New Facebook Metrics Coming in April

For many years Facebook has used Relevance Score to measure ads in terms of their relevance to their target audience. This basic metric was somewhat helpful for marketers but not necessarily that insightful. Now Facebook will introduce new metrics to replace the Relevance Score at end of April. Instead of the current Relevance Score, Facebook […]