How to Reach People Now

With so many people at home, spending time online, we are seeing increased web activity. If you are a business that wants to take a digital step forward, this is an opportunity to reach consumers where they are spending more time now. They are at home, they are on the internet, doing searches and on social media. We want to help you reach these consumers.

Search engine marketing programs reach active consumers looking for your products and services. They are looking for service and delivery options. Consumers are reviewing financial services and insurance services. They are planning future purchases while actively looking for goods that can be safely picked up or delivered. Work form home products and services are in demand. Online education will grow for children and adults. People looking for new hobbies and pursuits.

Social media ads are a highly effective way to connect your business to consumers. When physical social interaction is not an option, social networks are a place people go to connect. We build your business with the digital strategies that make sense for your business. Your situation is unique and requires a custom approach.

Using In Market Audience Targeting

Search Engine Marketing is something almost every organization should use. A key to strong performance is using the tools Google makes available. One of these tools is to set up targeting that reaches in-market audience segments.

In-market audiences are people Google has identified as being ready to buy specific products or services. This is based on their web browsing behaviour. People who are in-market means that they are doing research online before they buy a service or product. They are spending more time than usual  comparing products, prices or services.

According to Google these “audiences are designed for advertisers focused on getting conversions from likely buyers”. Google also states “In-market audiences can help drive remarketing performance and reach consumers close to completing a purchase.”

At Junction Digital we regularly use in-market audiences. For example a travel client is set up to find people who are actively looking for travel related services. These include people looking for a hotel or a travel destination. We want to reach people who enjoy outdoor activities like skiing, camping and hiking so we focus our ads on people looking for sporting goods.

If your Search Engine Marketing isn’t taking advantage of audience targeting then reach out to us at Junction Digital.